George Riverton

“When I needed to replace my furnace and coils I started shopping the yellow pages and getting quotes. I was discussing my quotes with a co-worker, and he suggested I call Steve Hill. I’m glad I did. Steve beat all the quotes, and not by just a few dollars, it was a significant savings to me. I not only got a great price, I was amazed at the superior workmanship. Steve went the extra mile and installed the system with extras that the other vendors would have charged me for. Steve improved the air intake and filtering system to prevent dust from getting into my system, and improved the ease of replacing my air filters at no extra cost. My savings was so significant I was able to afford adding a humidifier to the system. Steve Hill installed a high quality furnace and coil system with a humidifier and with superior workmanship over his competitors and he did all this 33% less than his competitors pricing. Feel free to ask Steve if you can see his workmanship in my home. I will gladly show it to anyone.”

George Riverton

“If there is one thing I liked the most about the work Steve did, it would be the craftsmanship. There are two types of people in the world of contract work; Those who do the job the way it gets done the fastest and the cheapest, and those who take their work as an extension of the life they embody. Steve is one of those people who seems to take his work a step further, in to the realm of art. His work was meticulous, precise, and fair. I enjoyed the detail offered in the quote He provided, which was very competitive for the market. I liked the clean way He did the work, and the professional atmosphere He personified while on the job. He was friendly, positive and obviously very happy with His chosen profession.”

Justin & Deloris, Sandy

“Steve Hill installed a new furnace, central air conditioner and a humidifier for us. This was all part of a major remodel we just completed. I would and have referred Steve to anyone who would and has asked about a good HVAC person. The first thing I tell people is that He will not leave your home in a mess. He cleans up after himself. He is dependable, very conscientious and honest. He cares about the job he is performing. When he is working for you, you are the important one. If you question him about what he is doing, he will explain it and why it is the best way, but if you have an idea you like better he will listen to you and talk thru it with you. Steve will be returning to our home to install an attic fan as we no longer need our swamp cooler. He will also be installing our custom made stove hood. Steve is a very fun guy, he likes to laugh, sing and will sit right down and even eat lunch with you. We have known Steve for about 8 years. His appearance is always neat and clean, yes, I think that says a lot about a person. Give Steve a try, you won’t be sorry.”

Mike & Topsy,Clinton

“Last winter when we were experiencing furnace problems, my sister referred to us her “furnace guy” Steve Hill, whom she has relied on for several years. We were so pleased with the quality of Steve’s furnace repair work that we also had him install a humidifier, electrostatic filter, and most recently, central air. Steve is reliable, efficient, and offers very competitive rates. And now I am happy to say that Steve is our “furnace guy” as well.”

Norman & Kathy, Murray


“Steve Hill is an outstanding heating/air conditioning technician. Steve’s initial assessment of our central air conditioning requirements was completely accurate. He installed our central air, temperature regulated attic fan, furnace with humidity control and an electronic thermostat. Steve’s sheet metal work is very professional and the overall quality of his work is the best that I’ve seen. We’ve had our central air for over 9 years now and haven’t had any problems with it. Steve is very customer oriented and has followed up with us over the years to ensure that our central air is working properly. I would like to recommend his work to anyone who is looking for high quality heating and/or air conditioning work.”

Dane & Diane, Ogden

“We are very happy with the job Steve Hill did installing our central air. He is honest, reliable, reasonable rates and good to work with. You couldn’t find a better guy to work with than Steve Hill. We would like to recommend him to everyone.”

John & Pat,WestValley

“In the Summer of 2003, I contracted Steve Hill to install a new furnace, air conditioner, humidifier and electrostatic air filter in my home. He first gave me a bid that was 4 to 600 dollars less than my closest bid. He told me how long it would take and he finished on time. His craftsmanship is 2nd to none. I take pride in my home and only want professionals to work on or in it. Steve Hill is that professional. I am very pleased with his work, his craftsmanship, his integrity and his honesty. He is and always will be my Heating/AC person.”

Russ & Julie,Kearns

“We were very impressed with the quality of service and workmanship we received and the price was right for our budget. Our furnace was installed ahead of schedule and is working flawlessly. We will definitely call upon their services in the future and recommend them to anyone. Thanks again to Hill Heating & Air.”

Jeremy & Tracie, Midvale