About Us

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Steve Hill. I am the Owner/Operator of Hill Heating & Air. I've been repairing, servicing and installing heating and air conditioning systems for over 25 years now and I'm happy to say that I still enjoy doing it. I've always found this particular line of work to be very interesting, challenging and rewarding. I love to help people feel more comfortable in their homes. I can't tell you how many people have treated me like a hero because I got their heat or A/C working or I enabled them to have central air in their home for the first time. It's a great feeling, and what has made me feel even better is that all along, I've known that I've been honest with my customers, I've given them great prices and I've done it with exceptional craftsmanship. That's why my company motto is, "Honesty, Great Prices and Exceptional Craftsmanship." My customers would attest to this, but don't take my word for it. Please take the time to read the testimonials on this website. You can also checkout my great reviews on KSL.com or Google.

For many years, a large percentage of the work I have received has been through referrals. That means a lot to me and I think it says a great deal about the way I do business and the kind of service I provide. It basically shows me that my customers have had a positive experience with me, and that they trust me enough to pass on my name to others that they care about, like their family and friends.

Heating and Air Conditioning is something that I take very seriously, although my wife would contend that I don't have a serious bone in my body. I have a passion for it and I take pride in doing it well. I enjoy the science and even the art that is involved in it. Several years ago, I completed the 4-Year HVAC Apprenticeship Program and have a college degree in HVAC. I am NATE Certified. (North American Technician Excellence). I am certified with the Rocky Mountain Gas Association. I hold a Universal license with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for the handling and processing of refrigerants. My business has an A+ rating and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and finally I am fully licensed and insured.

There's nothing big and fancy about Hill Heating & Air. In fact, it's just Me! Yup, I'm the guy that will show up for the estimate, the repair, the service, the installation and even lunch if you're willing (just kidding). I think people prefer working with the same guy, that they trust, every time they have a HVAC need. I think that many people would agree that there is a real value in small businesses. There is a higher level of integrity, reasonable prices and personalized service when compared to many of the large and 'out of touch' corporations. I think this means something to a lot of people. I see it and hear about it over and over again. The customer calls a large HVAC company and is so impressed when meeting the company owner or sales representative, but then the actual repairman or installer comes out to do the work and doesn't necessarily share the same company vision, and the customer is less than impressed. With Hill Heating & Air, what you see is what you get, every time.

I'm a 'pay as you go' kind of guy. My trucks, trailers, tools, uniforms etc. are all paid for. I don't buy any of my parts or equipment on credit. That means lower overhead for me and ultimately lower prices for you. I've been deliberate in the growth of my company to not grow bigger or go faster than I'm able. It's always been important to me to keep the business out of debt and keep things 'in the black' because this is something that I want to continue doing for a very long time and I'm confident that I will.

Give me a call. I know that I can save you money, give you a great product and ultimately help you feel more comfortable in your home. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with my integrity, my prices, my service and my craftsmanship.

Best Wishes.

Steve Hill
Hill Heating & Air